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What do you look for in a Montclair roofing contractor? More than likely, you do not have a clear answer because you may just be considering the first result that populates when you search online to be good enough.

But this is the roof on your Montclair home we are talking about, which means only the best roofing contractor will do. Your roof has the important job of protecting your structure and the people and property inside, so call Penn Roofing to take care of you.

Taking Care of Residential & Commercial Roofing

We want to be able to provide our clients with the superior results they need for their roof, and this includes both residential and commercial roofing work. This is why it is important to never settle for just any Montclair roofing contractor, when all you have to do is call us!

  • We have been around since 1984 and have over 40 years total expertise in this industry. You will be well taken care of.
  • Make it a point to never trust anyone lacking the license and insurance that is required. Too many self-proclaimed, so-called roofers lack these basic credentials which means you could end up paying for damages or injuries, should an incident occur.
  • The Penn Roofing team is dedicated to your total and complete satisfaction. What is the point of doing this work if you are not going to feel that we went above and beyond to take care of you. Our goal is to not just meet but exceed your expectations.

Let us show you why we are the local leading Montclair roofing contractor service provider.

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