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Is It Time To Get Your Roof Replaced?

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Looking for a pro to take care of the roof replacement for your Newark home doesn't have to be a difficult task. In fact, you already have the answer that you need and have come to the right place.

Peen Roofing is the preferred local roofing contractor, for a number of reasons. But, above all else, you can feel good about making this choice because we promise the best workmanship and personalized service for each of our customers.

GAF Roofing Systems

Did you know that more homes and commercial businesses are protected by a GAF roof than any other type of product? The quality is unsurpassed and if you are not already familiar with it, you should be. As a local leading NJ roofing contractor, we are trained, skilled and experienced working with this type of roofing system. If you are considering this for your roof replacement, give our experts a call.

Versico Roofing System

We are also Versico certified; a contractor for yet another top roofing material manufacturer. Since first launching in 1993, this company quickly gained popularity and is now among the three top single-ply roofing manufacturers in the country.

Not only do they deliver on quality, they have been integral in developments that have helped the roofing industry advance. You can feel confident getting roof replacement service that includes Versico as the manufacturer.


More and more homeowners are making the transition to Certainteed roofing for their roof replacement. Also referred to as cool roofing, this is a system that offers solar reflectance which helps prevent absorption.

In other words, your roof doesn't have to better handle the sun because the rays are reflected away before even reaching it. To find out more about this, and your other roofing options, give Penn Roofing a call.

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