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EPDM Roofing Options


At Penn Roofing, we know the value of EPDM roofing for commercial structures. Short for Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer, this material is a type of rubber roofing membrane.

Any reputable NJ roofer would offer EPDM roofing service for commercial clients, as well as educate customers about the benefits. That is the type of personalized service that we offer and that you will appreciate.

How EPDM Improves Your Roofing System

If you do not currently have EPDM roofing and do not know what makes it such a good option, we want to help make sure you have a better understanding.

  • One of the most damaging factors that roofing comes in contact with is hail. In many cases, hail damage results in the need for replacement of the entire roof because repairs are oftentimes not enough. The good news is that this material has a proven hail resistance.
  • This is also an ideal rooftop material option for handling differences in temperatures better. It can certainly get hot here in the summer and cold in the winter; you need a roof that can adapt without becoming damaged in these extreme differences. EPDM can handle that.
  • Roofing companies will often tell you about the cool roof technology but fail to teach about ultraviolet radiation resistance. While EPDM does not have the reflective qualities that cool roofing does, it still is capable of resisting UV rays.
  • This material is also resistant to extreme heat and fire. This is helpful in a number of ways, including safety and making your building more energy-efficient.

Don't accept less than the best when it comes to your service needs. Contact Penn Roofing for EPDM roofing work.

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