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It is undeniable that slate roofing is distinguishable; it has a look of beauty and elegance that is unsurpassed. Of course, as the local leading choice for an NJ roofer, Penn Roofing knows that there is much more to slate roofing than just the visual aesthetics.

So slate roofing, or any other roofing workmanship, needs to be carried out by a true professional. This is where our roofing company team comes in, promising the best in materials and labor, and then delivering on that promise.

Learning About the Advantages

So, if there is more than just good looks when it comes to slate roofing, what else can you expect?

  • Slate tiles are made of natural stone and stone is extremely durable. That means you have less chance of needing repairs along the way, which saves you money in the long run.
  • This durability also affords you longevity. Slate rooftops have been known to last up to 150 years, with proper maintenance along the way. That means, in fact, that the roofing may even outlast the building!
  • For anyone looking for a greener, or more environmentally friendly, roofing option, this is the one. Because it is made of natural stone it does not give off VOCs or other contaminants during production. Plus, they can be recycled.
  • Slate roofing helps a home be more energy-efficient and that means lower heating and cooling costs. This is a great option for making choices that will help to better insulate your house.

Set yourself up for success with your slate roofing by contacting us to take care of the services you need to be completed.

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